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Saved $4,865

from Frankfurt to Los Angeles

RouteFRA – LAX
Price FFFL$4,470
Airline Price$9,335


Saved $6,073

from London to Singapore

RouteLHR – SIN
Price FFFL $4,510
Airline Price $10,583


Saved $4091

from Las Vegas to London

RouteLAS – LHR
AirlineVirgin Atlantic
Price FFFL $4,460
Airline Price $8,551

Tim & Tina

Saved $3310

from Northwest Arkansas to Vienna

RouteXNA – VIE
Price FFFL $2,930
Airline Price$6,240


Saved $2482

from Munich to Melbourne

RouteMUN – MEL
Price FFFL $2,945
Airline Price$5,427


Saved $2108

from Los Angeles to Hong Kong

RouteLAX – HKG
AirlineCathy Pacific
Price FFFL $3,410
Airline Price$5,518

How it works

How we make your travel experience seemless

We as founders, have diverse experience in traveling. Our traveling adventures all over the world motivated us to learn extensively about reward programs, airline miles, optimal bookings and safer travelling costs. We now pass these learnings on to you!

How we make your travel experience seamless

We as founders have diverse experiences in traveling. Our traveling adventures all over the world motivated us to learn extensively about reward programs, airline miles, optimal bookings and saving on travel costs. We now pass these learnings on to you!


We will book your business & first-class ticket at a 30-60% discount to the retail price. Send us your upcoming travels and get an estimate for your flights.


Save yourself the time of researching your options and comparing airfares online. By sending your details, our flight experts will do this task for you and get back to you with the best flights for the cheapest price within minutes.


At any point of day or time, our team will always be at your service! Booking a flight is as convenient as sending us a message on whatsapp, text or email. If desired we also work happily with your assistent to arrange a seamless travel experience for you.

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What our customers say about us


Saved 4,091$ from Las
Vegas to London

I’m constantly flying to different continents and countries and tend to book about 50 flights a year. The amount of money I’ve saved by booking with FFFL blows my mind and makes me only wish I had found them sooner. Their prices are always better than what I could find on my own and just to save myself the time alone is worth booking with them.


Saved 6,073$ from London
to Singapore

I had to fly from London to Singapore for a business trip and tried booking with FFFL for the first time. From my flight request to the final booking, the process was seamless and in addition I was able to save my company more than 50% of the travel costs! Will surely use them to book me and my employees for international trips in the future.


Saved 4,865$ from Frankfurt
to Los Angeles

I travel to the United States a lot from Germany and typically take the most convenient flight, though that can get pretty expensive. Now since I’ve found Fly First for Less I’ve saved thousands and love the great personal service I always get. I tend to book flights a few weeks or days in advance and change my dates and they’re always so patient and attentive to what I need without hassle. I love not having to worry about flight complications anymore now that I book with them.  

Tim & Tina

Saved 3,310$ from
Fayetteville to Vienna

Fly First For Less solved a huge flying problem for my wife…me at 6’5”/350lbs! (2m/158kg) Flying international in coach next to her was hard on both of us (or the any person next to me). And flying business/first class seemed economically challenging for two. FFFL is simple, cost effective and works for us. Now we both show up in Austria happy, refreshed, and ready to go!


Saved 2,482$ from
Munich to Melbourne

Since I’m a pro poker player I travel around quite a bit, so I’m always looking for the best deals on flights. It can get really exhausting and time consuming constantly having to book one way flights to different tournaments. Booking with Fly First for Less has completely erased that challenge for me and allowed me to relax more. Now I look forward to my business class flights instead of thinking about how much all of it is costing me.


Saved 4,865$ from Los
Angeles to Hong Kong

For my company I visit Asia multiple times a year. In most cases, I travel from the US to China. Usually I need a quick turnaround in terms of flight provisions due to the urgency of most of my business requests. From the small airport in my area, short term flights have a very high retail price. By booking with Mario and his team, I am able to save my company & myself a lot of money on the ticket.

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